Power Reel Gems Gone Wild by Red Tiger Gaming

Power Reels, the Sequel to Gems Gone Wild

In 2016, Red Tiger introduced a slot machine that featured a plethora of huge jewel symbols. You might not think anything of that, but every gem in Gems Gone Wild possessed the inexplicable ability to act erratically. Because of the success of this game and its seemingly simple feature—which was, of course, triggered very randomly—Red Tiger Gaming has now published the long-awaited successor, Gems Gone Wild Power Reels.

Expanded and Improved

While the highest jackpot in Gems Gone Wild Power Reels is still over 3,000 times your initial wager, the game grid and the number of available pay lines are both larger than in the original. Eight reels, six rows, and thirty pay lines replace the five reels, three rows, and ten pay lines of the original Gems Gone Wild.

The gems may look smaller on screen due to the larger grid, but the game still looks amazing. The reels are see-through and dangle in space with a nebulous swirl in the background. The reel icons are, unsurprisingly, a plethora of precious stones. There are eight precious stones, and they range widely in size, cut, and hue.

A space-themed soundtrack plays in the background as you play, creating a calm environment that lets the game’s visuals shine through. The music and sound effects have a strong video-slot feel, and they really stand out when you win or accomplish anything special.

Strategies for Victory

In Gems Gone Wild Power Reels, as with most slot machines, you win money when you line up at least three identical symbols along a pay line. However, in this game, the first symbol in a winning combination does not have to appear on the very first reel. It is possible to land multiple wins on the same pay line, as wins pay both left to right and right to left, as well as in the midst of a pay line.

Locked and Wild Wilds

Each spin has a chance of turning one or more symbols into wilds. After any winnings that were helped by the wilds have been paid out, the wilds will remain fixed for the subsequent spin. Additional wilds will be locked in if they appear, and so on. When no more wild symbols appear, the locked ones disappear and normal gameplay resumes until more wilds are added at random.

Extremely Wild

Super Wilds can be triggered, as if the possibility of landing wild symbols wasn’t enough to get you excited. These function similarly to the aforementioned wilds in that they can lock in place for multiple spins after they first appear, but their 2×2 or 3×3 dimensions mean they can help you land even higher prizes and/or more winning lines.

Option to Wager

When you win, a Gamble button will appear below the game grid, allowing you to risk your prize for a greater one. The enormous circular dial and the list of available prizes for gambling will appear on a new screen. Your odds of winning the featured prize are shown by the percentage of the dial that is green, and your odds of losing are indicated by the percentage of the dial that is red.

Choose the prize you want to risk losing by pressing the big gamble button on the right if the odds on the wheel look good to you. You can change your mind about the prize at any time by clicking the collect button, or you can choose a new gift altogether.

Prizes of the Red Tiger

At casinos offering the Red Tiger Jackpot program, players of Gems Gone Wild Power Reels can try their luck at one of three progressive jackpots. Winners of the Hourly Drop Jackpot must claim their prize before the end of that hour, those of the Daily Drop Jackpot must do so before the end of the day, and those of the Big Drop Jackpot must do so before the end of the day.

Brilliant Gameplay

If you liked Gems Gone Wild, you’ll appreciate the Power Reels sequel even more. You can play at any casino powered by Red Tiger Gaming, but we recommend Leo Vegas.






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