Sazka: Rules, Price & Odds

How to Perform Sazka

If you are familiar with the standard guidelines for playing lottery games, you will have no difficulty playing Sportka. There may be subtle distinctions, but the rules of the games are typically comparable.

For example, selecting a set of numbers from a specified range is the first step. This stage is present in every number-based lottery game, including Sportka. You must select six integers between 1 and 42 in Sportka. You can choose specific numbers or enable them to be generated at random.


The game is playable online and at Sazka retail locations. The fundamental procedure is essentially identical. You choose your numbers, purchase a ticket, and wait until the draw date. On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, Sportka lotteries are held. You may choose to participate on all three draw days, two consecutive days, or just one. You can choose this option when placing your wager.


Norms of Sazka

Now that you understand how to purchase a ticket for Sportka, the most popular game in the Czech Sazka, it is time to examine the rules in detail. According to the regulations, the greater your prize, the more closely your chosen numbers match the numbers drawn. However, at least three correct matches are required to receive a prize.


In addition, Sportka draws entail the selection of an additional number. Every Sportka draw consists of seven numbers, a subtle deviation from other lottery games. For instance, the difference in number distinguishes between the second and third place.


If you correctly guess five numerals, you win the third prize. However, if you correctly guess five numbers and the remaining number, you advance up to second place. The additional number can also increase your winnings from jackpot level to super-jackpot level. The lottery is typically worth millions of crowns, whereas the super-jackpot can be worth hundreds of millions of crowns.


The super-jackpot prize is won when the fundamental six numbers and the other number are correctly selected. If the initial six numbers are correct, only the jackpot is awarded.


You can increase your odds of winning by placing multiple wagers and utilizing a betting system. System bets entail selecting a greater number of numbers than traditional wagers. Typically, you would select six numbers in Sportka, but if you make a system wager, you can select more numbers. This enhances the number of possible six-number combinations, thereby increasing your odds of winning.


Chances of Winning Prizes

Despite the existence of a super-jackpot, the jackpot reward is already sufficiently large. It is typically a few million crowns or more. The degree of difficulty in obtaining the prize is proportional to the size of the award. It requires that you correctly predict six numbers. This is not a simple task.


The odds provide a clearer indication of the difficulty of winning the jackpot. In Sportka, the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 285,384. If this sounds improbable, it is; however, a stroke of luck can alter your existence.


Cost of Sazka Ticket

Sportka is one of the most affordable Czech Republic lottery activities. This may be one of the factors for its ongoing success. 20 CKZ is the minimum sum required for a single wager on Sportka. Furthermore, if you wish to increase your possibilities of winning, you can spend more money.


For instance, it is possible to wager on more than one column. You must pay 20 CKZ per unit. The utmost number of columns you can wager on is ten, and you can wager up to 200 CKZ per wager. In addition, you can receive a sign-up incentive worth 220 CKZ. While casino bonuses are quite common, lottery bonuses are quite uncommon. Sazka is exceptional in this regard.

Sazka Jackpot


The low price of the most popular lottery in Sazka does not imply that the prize money is meager. The prize money, on the contrary, is simply mind-boggling. The prize money varies from draw to draw based on the total amount of funds raised through subscriptions. However, we can provide approximate numbers that should give you an idea of how large the prize money can become.


The average jackpot prize is approximately 15,382,198 CKZ! That is a tremendous sum, but wait until you see the average super jackpot prize amount. The estimated average jackpot reward is approximately 136,749,489 CZK! In other words, by betting only 20 CKZ in Sazka’s Sportka lottery, you can become a multimillionaire immediately.


Biggest Win Made

The Sportka lottery from Sazka is responsible for overnight millionaires for hundreds of individuals. Each year, scores of millionaires are added to the list.


Nonetheless, some succeed more than others. In 2013, the largest winner in Sportka’s history won 400 million crowns. Even though little is known about the fortunate individual and their background, the record has not yet been eclipsed.


Despite the fact that a few individuals have come near in recent years, a vast majority have won amounts in the range of 200 million crowns. Furthermore, you would be astonished to learn that the majority of big winners wager relatively modest amounts. This is something you will observe frequently when playing lottery games.


Since lotteries are games of chance like the finest online casino slots, relatively small wagers can be successful. This is all the more reason to gamble responsibly and not overextend yourself in your pursuit of a windfall.


The results of Sazka Sportka drawing occur three times per week. Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday are the days. The last wager is placed at 19:00 on the day of the draw. You can view the results on the official website for Sazka. You can view the winning numbers, determine if your wager qualifies for any prizes, and watch a video of the draw.


You can also witness the live draw at Studio Pokrok. The drawing lasts longer than the allotted time for a television broadcast. Therefore, the operators permit interested parties to visit the studio to observe the genuine interest. However, there are only so many spaces available.


How to Claim Sazka Prizes?

The procedure for claiming Sazka honors is contingent on a number of factors. They include (a) whether you submitted your wager online or at a retail location and (b) your prize amount. If you place your wager online, you can receive your winnings via a cashless method regardless of the amount. If you withdraw 5,000 crowns per day, you can even claim the prize at Sazka retail locations.


In addition, electronic withdrawals of up to 500,000 crowns per week are permitted. Additionally, you can withdraw the funds immediately to a bank account you own. If you submit your wager at a point-of-sale, the procedure differs slightly. In such a circumstance, you must claim your prizes at a retail location or at the Sazka headquarters.


To receive up to 250,000 crowns, you can claim your prize at a Sazka location. However, an appointment is required if you desire to claim more than 1,000 crowns at once.


In addition, if you win more than 250,000 crowns, you must collect your prize from the Sazka headquarters. You must schedule an appointment with them, present your ticket and an official form of identification, and then collect your prize.


Taxes imposed on Lottery Prizes

The Czech Republic imposes a substantial tax on lottery winnings. Due to the enormous tax burden, it is possible that the record 400 million crowns gained in 2013 will never be surpassed. The current tax rate on lottery profits is 15%. This, however, only pertains to winnings in excess of one million crowns. If you obtain fewer than one million crowns, your winnings are exempt from taxation.


In addition, the tax is a withholding tax deducted at the source. Sazka will deduct the 15% tax from your proceeds and pay it over to the government. You are not required to interact with tax authorities.

Our Opinion on Sazka


The popularity of Sazka’s Sportka lottery game has increased over several decades. It has been able to maintain its popularity and relevance through successive generations. There are numerous valid explanations for this.


The lottery is relatively inexpensive but offers the chance to win enormous rewards. It is one of the few lotteries where a few hundred crowns can earn you hundreds of millions of crowns. In addition, it is one of the few games that offer a sign-up incentive.


Sazka FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked concerns regarding Sazka’s Sportka game.


When does the Sazka draw occur?


At 23:00 on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, the Sazka draw for the Sportka lottery takes place.


Who is its owner?


Sazka is the company that owns and administers a variety of Czech Republic lottery games. Sportka is one of its oldest and most renowned lotteries. In addition, it offers online casino activities and sports betting.


How likely are you to win the Sazka?


The odds of obtaining the jackpot in the most popular Sazka lottery, Sportka, are 1 in 285,384.






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